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TrialScope solution reduces clinical trial disclosure non-compliance risks, costs

TrialScope provides clinical trial transparency and compliance solutions. (Image: iStock/filmfoto)

ATLAS Global Compliance is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that helps clinical trial sponsors to “disclose locally and comply globally,” says TrialScope CEO.

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The challenges and benefits of financial transparency in clinical trials

The new guideline focus on the introduction, methods, results, and discussion section of a manuscript describing the development of a particular COS. (Image: iStock/thomas-bethge)

Guideline created for 'transparent and complete' clinical trial reporting

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Companies respond to EMA's efforts to release clinical trial data

The new rule outlines requirements for registering clinical trials and submitting summary results information to (Image: iStock/AlexStar)

The final rule: trial data to be made public in a 'change of business as usual'

Data sharing has been a topic of some contention among academia, government, and the industry. (Image: iStock/Ralwel)

US Senator calls for clinical trial data sharing, consortium responds

The researchers tried to validate posted results against “an arguably better gold standard.” (Image: iStock)

Comparing and FDA review for accuracy and completeness

Bitcoin transactions are verified by network nodes and recorded in a public distributed ledger called the block chain. (Image: iStock/Tsokur)

Bitcoin tech to improve clinical trial research transparency

Unlike human redaction, the system never needs to be retrained or replaced. (Image: iStock/DonnaSuddes)

AI solution redacts 'hundreds of studies per day,' Synchrogenix President

According to Tufts, the average product lifecycle cost per approved drug is $2.870bn. (Image: iStock)

Tufts examines $2.87bn product lifecycle cost per approved drug

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