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The rise of 'technology-enabled' clinical research companies

The rise of technology-enabled clinical research companies

Technology is catapulting clinical trials into a 'new era' as scientific breakthroughs bring new opportunities to an industry that has traditionally lacked innovation.

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'Site-less CRO' model looks to evolve clinical trials

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CROs not ready for wearable tech? Report examines use in clinical trials

The clinical grade wearables market is expected to reach $18.9bn in 2020. (Image: iStock/HASLOO)

Survey: 97% plan to use digital health tech in trials over next five years

The call for real-world data is increasing across the industry. (Image: iStock/Pinkypills)

Medidata partners with intelligent analytics firm to improve trial design

BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device, is gaining traction in the industry as the FDA pushes for electronic patient reported outcomes. (Image: iStock/Poike)

BYOD in clinical trials to gain traction with 'skyrocket' in ePRO adoption

The online remote clinical trial recruited all of its patients via Facebook. (Image: iStock/Prykhodov)

Entirely remote online clinical trial has 'significant benefits'

CROs are using patient-centric data in a variety of ways. (Image: iStock/onlyyouqj)

How (and why) CROs are collecting and using patient-centric data

Bracket said BYOD, which stands for Bring Your Own Device, is the future of clinical trial technology. (Image: iStock/Poike)

New Bracket apps turn patients' smartphones into trial data reporting techs

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Clinical Trials Day: focusing on awareness, the β€˜war on talent,’ and an industry-wide commitment

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