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Kemwell CEO says environmental efforts are worth the cost

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Kemwell CEO Agneta Bergvall says drugmakers' efforts to make pharmaceutical manufacturing green are worth the cost.

Bergvall stressed the importance of green drug production when Outsourcing-pharma.com visited the contract manufacturing organisation's (CMO) manufacturing facility in Uppsala, Sweden.

She told me that taking steps to minimize the potential impact that pharmaceutical manufacturing has on the environment - as Kemwell has done at its plant - is a common focus for drugmakers in the country.

"We have a water treatment plant where we reduce almost 100% of the API in the waste water," she said, adding that "we also have an incineration plant where we take away the solvents used in the factory and we measure all emissions in the air and water."

She added that Kemwell has a zero tolerance policy to having a negative impact on the environment and explained that this attitude is in keeping with wider Swedish society and is also good for business.

Worth the investment

The cost of industrial scale green efforts are not a concern for Kemwell according to Bergvall, who said it is worth making the investment because, in addition to the obvious benefits for society, customers also stand to reap the rewards of products that have not had a negative impact on the environment.

This attitude was echoed by Kemwell business development manager Leo Fallgren who said clean and green drug production is good for the environment, customers and - ultimately - patients.

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