ICSE 2012

Aesica says academic partnerships are key for CMOs

Aesica says academic partnerships are key for CMOs

UK CMO Aesica Pharmaceutical says that working with academia to access cutting edge technologies is critical for contractors that want to meet the demands of the modern drug industry.

The Indian Government plans to plug loopholes in regulations in a bid to boost its clinical trial sector

India will stamp out "fly by night operators" in trial industry, says Gov

The demand for HP production is growing, and Alkermes says contract manufacturers will swipe a big portion of the market

Single-use lets some Pharmas make own potent drugs but outsourcing demand still strong: Alkermes

A fear of handling toxic compounds has led to a shortage of HP contracters, according to Aesica

Aesica ramps up HPAPI capacity to meet industry demand

Cobra reflects on fill finish acqusition

Cobra Biologics talks recent fill finish acquisition and future growth plans

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