Teewinot ups cannabinoid production capabilities

Teewinot ups cannabinoid production capabilities

Teewinot Life Sciences Corporation’s cannabinoids are now available for research and development as the company looks to establish new partnerships.

The company announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Full Spectrum Laboratories, Ltd. (FSL), can produce commercial quantities of THCVA, CBDVA, CBCVA, and CBGVA (varin series) using its proprietary CannSynthesis™ technology – for which it recently received a patent.

Teewinot initially predicted it would be able to produce kilogram quantities of GMP manufactured cannabinoids by Q1 2017 after announcing an agreement with AMRI in June 2016.

Jeffrey M. Korentur, President and CEO at Teewinot Life Sciences Corporation told us the expansion of the company’s catalog to include both the acidic and neutral forms of the varin cannabinoids places it at “the forefront of cannabinoid production capabilities worldwide.” 

Since we can produce at scale, these low-expressing cannabinoids will now be available for R&D around the world. Initial studies using very small quantities has demonstrated interested and effective positive affects on the human system,” Korentur said.

After making the announcement, Korentur said that the company has been contacted “by no less than three pharma companies” seeking the molecules among others in its portfolio. “As word spreads about the availability of the Varin series, I expect that we will continue to be contacted by researchers around the world,” he added.

Teewinot is also seeking university research partners to use molecules to determine how best to apply them against a variety of indications. 

The exciting part about our manufacturing process is that if a benefit is discovered, we can scale production immediately to match demands of patient populations,” Korentur said.

We seek collaborators and partners to learn how to best exploit these molecules to combat the widest variety of indications. There’s been some indication that the Varin series could be medically important. We’d like to work with multiple organizations in parallel to address unmet needs and combat indications in novel ways.”

Additionally, the company is looking to work closely with the US DEA and FDA to help clarify the differences between cannabis and cannabinoids.

I recognize that the complexity of cannabis gives the DEA pause to reschedule,” said Korentur. “However, the individual cannabinoids may present significant medical benefit and should not be lumped in with the cannabis plant.”

(Feature image: Teewinot Life Sciences Corporation)

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