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Cobra Biologics talks recent fill finish acquisition and future growth plans

Last updated on 17-May-2013 at 17:18 GMT2013-05-17T17:18:51Z - By Gareth Macdonald
Interview of Philip Ridley-smith - Business Development & Marketing Manager, Cobra Biologics
Cobra Biologics talks recent fill finish acquisition and future growth plans
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CMO Cobra Biologics says North America is an obvious place to look at for a facility acquisition. spoke with Cobra's Philip Ridley-Smith at CPhI in Madrid earlier this month, who explained that the acquisition of Unitech Pharma this time last year was a key part of the firm's growth strategy.

"We always said we that we were offering customers a comprehensive service....and one area that was absolutely critical to that was the fill finish side. And acquiring our Matfors site in Sweden has closed that circle," he said.

Cobra is also looking to add viral filling services to its offering according to Ridley-Smith who explained that while the firm is able to manufacture viruses, fill finish is still outsourced to a third party. Similarly, the firm plans to expand its work in small molecule fill finish, he added again citing the Matfors site as the important factor.

However, while at present growth opportunities are being provided by Cobra's European manufacturing base, the firm is already looking to expand its global reach both in terms of sales and production

Ridley-Smith said: "Our investors are keen for us to expand, so yes we are looking at increase our number of sales people both in Europe and North America," adding that the firm also wants to expand its presence in Asia, citing Japan and South Korea as interesting targets.

"Facilities-wise...the obvious place to look at is North America and I'm certain that my senior management will be going there, but wherever there is an opportunity or a contract facility is available, we will look at it."

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