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Apparently some folks at DIA weren't discussing 'cloud-based' solutions this year but, as Outsourcing-pharma.com didn't find them, here's the news from those who are adding a little cumulonimbus to their blue-sky thinking.

First up is Cleveland-based Datatrak International which launched a 'next generation' clinical trial management enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, the Datatrak One Clinical, that it claims has a more intuitive interface.

CEO Laurence Birch explained that: "Users are now able to configure their desktop and workflows to reflect their personal preferences as well as display the data, tasks and reports that are pertinent during each phase of the study."

INC Reseach was also forecasting cloud this year. The US contract research organisation (CRO) has been using Medidata's cloud technology since 2006, gaining its first accreditation - which is assurance from Medidata that a CRO is using the tech optimally - in 2007.

At DIA INC announced that it has now been accredited for all the Medidata technology - Medidata Designer, Medidata Grants Manager, Medidata CTMS and Medidata Rave Safety Gateway - which is a real plus for the firm according to COO Alistair Macdonald.

By leveraging Medidata’s cloud-based clinical research platform along with our own Trusted Process methodology, INC can deliver time and cost-efficient methods that accelerate clinical development and optimize trials of every scope and scale from protocol design all the way through to database lock."

Australian CRO Novotech was also talking about its recent Medidata accreditation at DIA this year. The Sydney-based contract achieved the mark for its use of the US technology firm's Rave electronic data capture platform.

CEO Alek Safarian said: "This is an important milestone for us. Being a regionally focused CRO, it is critical for us to offer high-end solutions to smaller biotechnology and pharmaceutical clients with whom we work."

Veeva also had its head in the clouds at DIA this year, reporting that regulatory information managment (RIM) providers Liquent, Extendo and Lorenz have all opted to integrate their publishing tools with its cloud-based vault submissions application.

Veeva's vault submissions application is designed to manage regulatory submissions and - in combination with the publishing tools developed by the three RIM firms - allow pharmaceutical companies to easily submit to regulatory authorities worldwide at the click of a button.

Comprehend Systems was also glad of the cloud coverage at DIA this year. The firm announced it had partnered with eClinical solutions provider Merge Healthcare.

Under the deal Merge will combine Comprehend's cloud-based data solution with its eClinical OS to let customers gain critical insights into end-to-end clinical and operational data – without the need for programming, data warehousing or business intelligence (BI) tools.

To ensure trials run safely and effectively, sponsors and CROs today need better access into all clinical data, but with the growing number of different systems and studies in play at any given time, that’s proven to be a costly and time-consuming endeavor,” said Zaher El-Assi, general manager of Merge eClinical.

Comprehend is the only company to address this issue with a cloud-based solution that can provide study teams with insights, visualizations and reports derived from data across any and all systems.”

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