HPCTC adopts biometric fingerprint tech to register patients

HPCTC adopts biometric fingerprint tech to register patients

High Point Clinical Trials Center (HPCTC) has partnered with Verified Clinical Trials to help prevent duplicate enrollment in clinical trials.

According to the company, the technology will be used to select and qualify clinical trial patients at its North Carolina research facility.

If subjects participate in multiple clinical trials without sharing that information with the physicians running the trial, it can skew the data, thus putting the trial at risk in terms of data accuracy,” Doug Copeland, Executive Vice President at High Point Clinical Trials Center, told us.

Verified Clinical Trials (VCT) helps protect against duplicate enrollment by using biometric fingerprint technology to register patients. The technology is designed for both early and late phase trials.

[The] system allows us to check to see if clients are doing multiple trials, thus helping ensure data integrity,” explained Copeland.

Other sites across the US are registering their subjects with similar biometric fingerprint technology. We compare our registered subjects with other programs in the database. It is a safe and highly effective way to register subjects and identify duplicates.”

Copeland said the company evaluated a number of providers for the service, but felt Verified Clinical Trials was “the most comprehensive in both coverage (size of their database), technology and had the best ease of use.”

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